Who Is Patrick, Saint Patron of Ireland?

March 17 is the time for London to dress in green colors and properly celebrate beer and Irish culture, but mostly beer though. Irish pubs will be flowing beer all day, dancing violon songs will resonate all across the city and green hats on top of people’s heads will be today’s uniform.

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Eating Disorder: Not only among the youth

A recent study by the University College of London has unveiled a part of the eating disorder victims no one saw coming. In the UK, 15% of women aged between 40 and 50 years old have suffered from an eating disorder at some point in their life and 3% of them within the past year.

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French Presidential Elections Explained

Hey there folks. You all might have noticed in the news for these past few months that a lot of foreign news coverages are about french politics and the looming presidential elections in the neighbor nation/historic sworn enemy. As part of the United Kingdom, you will be leaving the EU soon and may not care much about european politics anymore. Continue reading “French Presidential Elections Explained”


Highgate Cemetery: A Modern Vampire Tale

The Highgate Cemetery, north London, is a mystery, one of the most intriguing places of London. Many of the great historic figures have been buried there such as Karl Marx, Malcolm McLaren, the Dickens family and more recently George Michale amongst others.

Said to be one of the seven ‘magnificent seven’ burial places of England, the resting haven for the dead, the Highgate Cemetery is now filled with tourist groups admiring tombs and alleys. But behind the bucolic ambiance, the brilliant green trees and the massive ancient tombstones, lies secrets and a somber history. Continue reading “Highgate Cemetery: A Modern Vampire Tale”